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Author Topic: From FlashPunk to HaxePunk  (Read 1813 times)


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From FlashPunk to HaxePunk
« on: March 27, 2013, 08:11:58 PM »
Hey everyone!

Early this year I released my first ever flash game (http://www.box10.com/craz-outbreak.html) using FlashPunk and FlashDevelop. Now that I feel comfortable, I wanted to create my next game keeping in mind targeting mobile platforms too.

I am thinking it should be easier to move to HaxePunk (rather than HaxeFlixel) and I would love to give this a try. Could you help answer some preliminary questions for me please :

1. If I decide to port my game from FlashPunk to HaxePunk,  approximately what percent of code would I need to change?
2. Does HaxePunk support pixel level collision? How good is the pixel collision performance on mobile?
3. Do layers work the same way they do in FlashPunk?
3. I used Punk UI for my previous game. Would I be able to use the same with HaxePunk? Does HaxePunk have a built in UI library? What UI library would you recommend?
4. One of the biggest problems I faced with sponsoring my game was sponsor integrating sponsor preloaders and splash screens. Is there a support for using sponsor provided swf or fla files?

Is there a small space invader like tutorial? Something that could work on basics of using spritesheets for animations, recycling bullets for performance, and showcasing how it could work with different screen resolutions on mobile devices.

Like me, there may be a lot more new(ish) developers who would be grateful to have something like this to work off. Without an organized tutorial to work with, it is quite a task to understand how to get a simple game running on mobile.