February 19, 2018, 11:38:55 AM

Author Topic: HaxePunk 4.0.0  (Read 55 times)


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HaxePunk 4.0.0
« on: February 10, 2018, 06:24:20 PM »
New major release! Get it with "haxelib upgrade HaxePunk" or download from haxepunk.com or github.com/haxepunk/haxepunk.


    [bendmorris] Removed com package
    [bendmorris] Reorganization of utility functions
    [bendmorris] Added NineSlice graphic
    [bendmorris] Added Color abstract
    [bendmorris] Text borders and shadows
    [bendmorris] BitmapText formatting markup/inline images
    [bendmorris] Gradually display BitmapText
    [bendmorris] ColoredRect graphic
    [bendmorris] Signals
    [bendmorris] Per-Scene shaders
    [bendmorris] libgdx texture packer support
    [bendmorris] Signals implementation with Engine- and Scene-level signals
    [bendmorris] Unified input handling system
    [bendmorris] Support for multiple resolution versions of images/bitmap fonts
    [bendmorris] Debug logging utility
    [bendmorris] AssetLoader/AssetCache
    [IkonOne] Add origin support to all Graphic types
    [matrefeytontias] Custom vertex attributes
    [MattTuttle] Removal of buffered rendering/Flash target support
    [MattTuttle] Per-Graphic shaders
    [MattTuttle] Backend framework abstraction