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Author Topic: Updating the website, adding new stuff, new design - some ideas!  (Read 1282 times)


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(This is copied over from the github issue here for people who don't look over there but might be interested. Feel free to reply in this topic but also have a look over on github)

As I've mentioned before in the forums I feel like the HaxePunk website could use a visual overhaul. I'm not saying that it looks that bad but compared to some of these sites It's not as inviting and modern looking:

Also there are a couple of errors on some pages and the tutorial section could use a bit of love. I also feel like the forum software needs to be updated, it's very much out of date and there are a lot of bots registered (even if they don't post).

So I want to use this post to show and discuss some ideas I have and also to see how many people are interested and what others thoughts are.
I'll probably work on this on and off, whenever I have some time to spare, right now I can't quite get the offline server set-up so I can test code etc. Maybe it might be sensible to update the site in tandem with the HaxePunk 3 release, whenever that might be?

Also I'm not quite sure if it's possible to modify the forum? It seems like that part is not in this repository.

So firstly here is a mockup I did, this is only the first version and there is a lot of work still to be done on it, but let me know what you think:


Also on top of that I think it would be cool to also redo the HaxePunk logo as well, I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of it, but maybe there are other opinions?

Anywhere here are some ideas for discussing. I was trying to keep it somewhat in sync with the Haxe logo and design, something like origami and layered shapes.







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Re: Updating the website, adding new stuff, new design - some ideas!
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2015, 01:35:59 PM »
I agree with all of these points, I think this whole website needs a huge upgrade.  The logo's not great, but I think we should still stick with something similar so it fits the theme of steampunk more, which is the basis of the name.