• Hey I've been trying to learn how to use HaxePunk and I am trying to follow the shooter tutorial but their is something I don't understand.

    it says "Let's add the assets now. Firstly we'll add the atlas with all the graphics packed in it. Here's one I made:" and "Now create an assets/atlas/ directory and place an atlas.xml file in it. This is where we will define the regions of the atlas which represent different graphics. Once again, if you use a program like TexturePacker, this xml will be generated automatically, but you can write it yourself, as long as it looks like this:" but I don't know what this is telling me to do

  • Oh, I think you're following the shooter tutorial from HaxeCoder? That tutorial was made for a pretty old version of HaxePunk so it's probably not a great learning resource. Don't worry about texture atlases or anything like that for now.

    The tutorials on the main site and examples will be more beneficial for you, I think. 🙂

  • @thespydog Yea lol I just noticed that the other day.

  • Does someone know of a tutorial for a newer version, ideally current version?

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